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October 4, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Free, fun & educational games and activities for kids!

The Arrowhead Towne Center Kids Club is a great opportunity for your child to learn in a fun, and interactive setting. We've teamed up with National Geographic Kids to create activities and games that focus on discovery through play.  

Kids Club is every Tuesday at 11am in Dick's Sporting Goods Court.  


September 27
Kids will learn about other ocean life and unique eating habits of sea dwellers including octopus, crabs and stingrays.

  • The octopus has many feet
  • Its feet actually help him to eat
  • A decorator crab attaches coral, seaweed or sponges to its shell. If it can't find food, it eats food from its back.
  • The kids will be taught the "Stingray Shuttle" song

Theme: Under the Sea 

October 4

  • Persephone will read the book, Rainbow Fish.
  • Stonefish hide behind rocks
  • Rockfish look like a chunk of scratchy coral
  • Children will learn a silly fishing song.

October 11

  • We will talk about sea turtles, stingrays and whales
  • Whale song, "Stingray Shuttle" and turtle songs
  • Persephone will mime certain sea life actions and the kids will guess what she is.

October 18

  • It's time to go to the beach and see what we can see.
  • Look! Who's in the shell?
  • Decorator crabs sometimes eat off their back
  • Kids will do the limbo
  • Song, "Down by the Sea".

October 25

  • It's a party! The children will dress up in costumes and we will celebrate the last Kids Club of 2016
  • Persephone will sing songs that cater toward the children's costumes.
  • She will talk about how some of the sea creatures disguise themselves.
  • We will march to the "Monster Mash".

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