Build-A-Bear Bakeshop

Display, assembly and sale at retail of baked goods including cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cakepops and non-alcoholic beverages, including milk, water, juice, carbonated drinks, non-carbonated drinks and coffee by the cup.

Kiosk | Level 1

Decorate Your Own Cupcakes at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop!

Experience a new flavor of fun at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop! With the Decorate-Your-Own cupcake package at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop, decorators can simply wa...

Party at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop!

A party at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop is a fun and unique way to savor creative memories and let your sweet tooth run wild! A Master Decorator leads every ...

The NEW Cupcake of the Month at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop Is Sure to Float Your Boat!

Summer’s yummiest treat is at Build-A-Bear Bakeshop this August: the NEW Cupcake of the Month at the Bakeshop is Root Beer Float! This tasty treat is ...

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